Faith Overwhelming Only Love
Produced By 
Juan Rios
Written By 
Zacchae'us Paul
Heart Breaker Might Break My Heart
My Soul My Body My Spirit They Fell
Apart Why Won't You Take My Invitation
Of Love Its Waiting On You Now What You 
Waiting on Head Tripping Heart Shaken My 
Love Will Always Stay The Same The Intuition
Wishing That I Be Seeing A Vision Of Me And
You Its Blury Blue Sky's And a Red Chavil Blue
Skys And a House Of Twelve It's Free To Choice
But Baby Why Won't You They May Call Me Dumb
But I Think Im a Fool
a Fool Of Faith Of Me And You
a Fool Of Overwhelming Joy 
a Fool Of Only Thinking That You Loved Me
a Fool Of Love Faith Overwhelming Only Love
And Baby Im at The Starting Line 
Waiting On You When You Get There Just Come On By.

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